It was confirmed late that the daughter of former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo, who worked at Hwacheon Daeyu, had received an apartment owned by the company. After receiving the sale, a profit margin of hundreds of millions of won arose, and suspicions of preferential sale arose, and former special prosecutor Park explained that it was a normal sale.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.


A new apartment complex in Daejang-dong, Seongnam-si.

The developer of this complex, which started moving in last May, is Hwacheon Daeyu, who is at the center of suspicion of preferential treatment for development projects.

However, it was later revealed that Park, the daughter of former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo, received an apartment for 700 million won in June, a month after moving in.

[Nearby real estate company official: It was unsold at the beginning, but later, foreigners took it all... All of these were sold at over 700 million won (I know)]

Now, as the development project is underway, the

asking price

of 1.5 billion won is going up and down. Suspicion arises as to whether there was any preferential treatment in the process of receiving it.

Park's side immediately denied the allegations.

The other seller canceled the contract and returned the remaining amount to the company's employees, and just in time, Mr. Park sold the house in Seoul and received the sale normally.

He added, "Anyone could apply through the public procedure at the time," he said.and explained.

Park, who is currently in the process of retirement, is known to receive a considerable amount from Hwacheon Daewoo in the name of severance pay.

While the Hwacheon Daeyu side also stated that the sale was normal, the prosecution distributed the case against former special prosecutor Park and started the investigation.