Two people were killed and two were seriously injured when a 30-year-old wielded a knife at a family living upstairs in an apartment.

Police believe the crime was caused by noise between floors.

This is KBC reporter Park Seung-hyun.


A 35-year-old man living in an apartment in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, wielded a knife at a family living upstairs today (27th) around 0:30 am.

A couple in their 40s were killed by a weapon wielded by Mr. A, and their parents in their 60s were seriously injured.

Two teenage daughters escaped from anger by hiding in the room.

[Nearby resident: (Male) was just knocking on the wall.

Just a little bit...

I was scared at first.


police believe that Mr. A, who was usually dissatisfied with the noise between floors, committed a crime against a family member who returned home from business late at night.

Suspect A returned to his apartment in the apartment immediately after the crime and reported to 112 to turn himself in.

It was revealed that Mr. A, who lives alone as a daily construction worker, reported to the police on the 17th for noise between floors.

It was also investigated that he went upstairs to the upper floor when he heard footsteps thumping late at night, and wielded the weapon he had prepared in advance after an argument.

[Police official: It seems that they have been in a bad mood for a long time due to the noise issue between floors.] The

police plan to apply for an arrest warrant after investigating the exact circumstances of the crime against Mr.

(Video coverage: Choi Bok-soo KBC)