From next month, vaccination against COVID-19 for elementary school students and high school students (born between 2004 and 2009) will start.

On the 27th, the Ministry of Education announced specific plans for the operation of schools in relation to Pfizer vaccinations for children and adolescents aged 12-17, which will be implemented from October.

Unlike high school 3, when group vaccination was conducted, this vaccination is carried out by individual advance reservation according to the wishes of the recipient and the voluntary consent of the guardian (legal representative).

Those who want to be vaccinated can make an appointment with a local medical institution through the 'Corona 19 Vaccination Advance Reservation System' ( or by calling 1339.

16-17 years old (born 2004-2005), who are in high school 1 or 2, make a reservation in advance from October 5th to 29th and will be vaccinated from the 18th to November 13th of the same month.

For 12-15 year-olds (born 2006-2009), who are in elementary school 6th grade 3rd grade, make a reservation in advance from October 18th to November 12th and plan to vaccinate from November 1st to November 27th.

On the day of the inoculation, a parent or guardian must go together and check the consent of the advance reservation sheet.

Because it is an individual inoculation rather than a group, the operation of the school will be maintained according to the school density standard for each district by the distance that is applied to each region as it is now.

Attendance is allowed on the day of inoculation and up to two days after inoculation.

If the student wishes, he or she may attend class immediately after receiving the vaccination.

When making an inoculation reservation, avoid evaluation dates such as mid-term and final exams, but in case of unavoidable overlap, 'acknowledgment points' are given by converting the pre- and post-test scores at a certain rate and recognizing them as points.

The Ministry of Education said, "The schedule for the midterm and final exams has already been confirmed and announced at the school. You can freely select the time of inoculation outside the evaluation schedule during the four-week inoculation period."

He added, "In order to enhance the fairness and reliability of the evaluation, we recommend that you reserve the vaccination at a time other than the paper-based evaluation period."

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(Photo = provided by the Ministry of Education)