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The CoronaCheck app, which serves as an entrance ticket to restaurants, cinemas and events from Saturday, was immediately overloaded by large crowds on Saturday evening.

On allestoringen.nl many reports came in from people who did not see a QR code on their app.

The Ministry of Health acknowledged that the app was overloaded.

"It's just busy. He is not out," a spokesperson emphasized to Hart van Nederland.

In addition, the app was hit by a DDO attack on Saturday evening.

That is a targeted attack that overloads the server.

In combination with the large crowds, this led to many people not being able to load their QR code.

To create the QR code, the app needs to connect to the internet once.

"That happens a lot at the same time," said the spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, the servers of the app had been scaled up to handle the large crowds.

The ministry advised to try again later.

According to the spokesperson, it could take a while before the app works properly again.

People who still wanted to go out could download the QR code at home.

The code will then remain available offline.

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland reacted with disappointment to the functioning of the app.

"In the summer, things also went wrong with apps that do not work properly," sighed chairman Robèr Willemsen.

"Now there are long lines everywhere with dissatisfied people. In this way, the government makes it very difficult for our industry."

Complaints were also pouring in on social media and the government app was mocked.

First day Coronacheck in the catering industry.

Is there enough DigiD and Coronacheck server capacity? No.

Of course not. Government and ICT.

It remains a joke.


Authormr_nsngMoment of places17: 20 - September 25, 2021