This Sunday everything revolves around the general election, and nothing is more exciting than the first projection around 6 p.m. At least that's the theory. Most people think that the decision is made by Spitz on the button. Of course, everything has long been decided. Or does someone believe in coincidences? The FDP, for example, is still officially defending itself against diesel driving bans, which are already coming into force. The arm of German environmental policy secretly even extends beyond national borders, as far as Australia. Down under, the government has ordered full power back and canceled French submarines because such a diesel from Peugeot or whatever the supplier is called is no longer up-to-date. Sustainable American nuclear power is now being used, and France must be reminded of Charles de Gaulle,who is not only an aircraft carrier, but was also a wise president with the sober statement: Nations have no friends, nations have interests.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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The fight for flying has also been decided; the short-haul routes are over.

Not even the common woodcock dares to just jet around the corner.

The bird prefers to spend the winter in the south, which one can show some understanding for all CO2 concerns.

So a snipe left Alaska these days for New Zealand and had to turn back after 2000 kilometers because of the weather.

57 hours non-stop in the air, then back at the starting point, that can be a bit frustrating.

If the choice has not yet been decided: Which party is campaigning for a ban on headwinds?

She would get our voice.