When an apartment complex in Songdo International City, Incheon blocked the entry of motorcycles on the ground, delivery workers along with a delivery company decided to refuse delivery to this complex.

Rider Union Incheon Songdo branch, a union of delivery workers, announced that it will stop delivery to a certain apartment complex in Songdo International City, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, starting tomorrow (27th).

The residents' representative meeting of this apartment complex implemented measures to restrict the calls from delivery workers to households on the first floor to prevent motorcycles from entering the ground from the 10th.

The related notice states, 'To prevent motorcycles from entering the ground, we are trying to guide motorcycles underground by limiting the number of households on the first floor.'

Also included was a phrase that said, 'When ordering food from the household, you cannot call on the first floor, so please tell them that you must enter the basement.'

Delivery workers protested against this measure, and on the 23rd, they refused to deliver, and requested a consultation with the apartment tenant representatives' meeting, but it was not accepted.

Accordingly, we requested the largest delivery company in the Songdo area to stop delivery to the apartment complex, and as the company accepted it, we decided to stop delivery from tomorrow.

Rider Union said, "Due to the nature of motorcycles, underground parking lots are slippery, so there is a high risk of accidents. On rainy days, even veteran riders with extensive experience fall and have accidents." They are reluctant to go through the parking lot,” he explained.

In some apartment complexes in Songdo International City, Incheon, where access to the ground of delivery motorcycles was previously restricted, a physical collision between deliverymen and security guards occurred.

In some apartment complexes, there are also apartment complexes with notices stating that 'if they enter on the ground, they will take action against them', saying that there are concerns about safety accidents for children due to the passage of the delivery motorcycles on the ground. 

(Photo = Yonhap News. ​Rider Union Incheon Songdo Branch Preparatory Committee)