The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is expected to be released next year, may get a renewed camera island.

Twitter account OnLeaks and tech website

Digit write that on

Friday based on leaked information about the phone.

OnLeaks has published several renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which show what the phone may look like.

The account often takes pictures of smartphones that have yet to come out.

The renders are based on leaked information about the devices.

Afterwards, OnLeaks' images often turn out to be correct.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra resembles the Samsung Note series phones in appearance.

For example, it has round sides and a round cutout in the screen, where the selfie camera is located.

The phone's camera island resembles that of the Galaxy S21, which includes four lenses and a depth sensor.

However, the island shape on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is P-shaped, rather than rectangular.

If the renders are correct, the smartphone will be 163 millimeters long, 78 millimeters wide and 11 millimeters thick, if you include the camera island on the back.

Furthermore, the smartphone also gets a slot for an S Pen stylus and USB-C port.

More technical details about the Galaxy S22 Ultra are not yet known.

Sooo... Here comes your very first and early look at the #Samsung #GalaxyS22Ultra and its quite "unique" rear camera housing design!

(360° video + stunning 5K renders + dimensions)On behalf of @digitindia ->


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