If a student has to ask the school for money because he or she is infected with COVID-19, is it a violation of human rights?

The answer of the National Human Rights Commission is



According to SBS coverage, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) made a judgment that Sogang University was a 'violation of human rights' in relation to coercing a student who has been diagnosed with Corona 19 to sign an oath for economic loss and civil and criminal responsibility.

The Human Rights Commission is also known to make recommendations to schools to prepare measures to prevent recurrence.

In April, when a series of confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred in the Sogang University dormitory, the school required the dormitory students to write a 'going out vow'.

At that time, the pledge contained the contents of

"If you visit a place where there is a high risk of COVID-19 infection and are confirmed, (confirmed student) promises to bear all economic losses and civil and criminal responsibility"

. A notice was also issued that the maximum daily penalty would be imposed if the pledge was not written.

When the contents of the pledge became known, there was a controversy in the Internet community, etc., and SBS 8 News also reported this.

At that time, the Sogang University community was criticized for trying to shift the responsibility of spreading the infection in the dormitory to the students.

Students responded that they were confused as to whether the oath actually had legal force or whether it was okay to sign such a document indiscriminately.

One of the graduates of this school filed a third-party complaint with the Human Rights Commission, and the Commission's decision was made five months later. 

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