Stoptober 2021 will help you stop smoking for 28 days and the latest


game takes inspiration from

League of Legends


These are the apps of the week.

Stoptober 2021

Every year in October, countless Dutch people try to quit smoking during the Stoptober campaign.

The goal is not to light a cigarette for 28 days.

This app helps with that.

In the app you can see exactly how many days you have already stopped and how much money you have saved.

If you install the app, you will receive a daily message to motivate you.

You can also find tips on how to quit smoking in the app.

For example, getting rid of all your ashtrays and lighters, and telling everyone around you that you are going to stop.

There is even an Emergency button for when you really feel like a cigarette.

You will then receive a tip on how to deal with it.

If you keep it up, you'll earn badges.

You can show this to your friends to show how well you are doing.

By creating a chat group with friends or colleagues who also use the app, you can support each other.

Download Stoptober 2021 for Android or iOS (free).


View the explanation of the Stoptoberapp here

Pokemon UNITE

The latest


game for your smartphone takes inspiration from popular moba games, such as

League of Legends


Dota 2


But as it usually goes with Pokémon, this genre is being made a lot more accessible.

The idea is that you compete five against five on a playing field.

You control a Pokémon yourself.

On the playing field, defeat other wild Pokémon to earn points that take you to an opponent's target to redeem.

Meanwhile, you will also encounter the Pokémon that the opponent is controlling.

If you are defeated by them, you will be out of the game for a while.

The Pokémon you control always start with a low level.

By fighting and earning points, the Pokémon learns new moves and allows you to evolve.

Eventually, you'll get a special Unite move that you can use sporadically.

That's a spectacular attack that you actually want to see from every Pokémon.

The game is free to play but does have in-app purchases.

It's nice that the game is also available for the Nintendo Switch and you can just play with each other.

By logging in you can easily switch between your smartphone and the Switch.

Download Pokémon UNITE for Android or iOS (free).


Pokémon UNITE comes with mobile version

Tap Electric

The Tap Electric app, which comes from Amsterdam, continues to receive new functions at a rapid pace, making it an interesting app for owners of electric cars.

With the app you will find charging points to charge your car and you pay immediately.

The newest function means that you can send a message to the owner of a car that is occupying a charging point unnecessarily.

You do this via the license plate.

The owner of that car must use the same app, but who knows, you might be lucky.

With the app you can also see what the availability of a charging location usually looks like.

You can even start a 'loading group', a chat with others who regularly load at your charge point to coordinate when it's everyone's turn.

Download Tap Electric for Android or iOS (free).

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