It was later revealed that two high school students 'Iljin', who were sentenced to severe punishment for school violence disguised as 'sparring' in martial arts, committed similar crimes to another classmate.

Judge Kim Jin-won, the 9th independent criminal of the Incheon District Court, sentenced A(17) and B(17), who were charged with joint assault and blackmail under the Act on Punishment of Violence, etc. (24th) said.

Group A and Group B were charged with violently assaulting their classmate C (17) at a boxing gymnasium in Jung-gu, Incheon at around 4:50 am on November 22, last year.

They forcibly called C to the gym, saying, “I will teach you to fight,” and then gave them headgear and boxing gloves and assaulted them in the ring.

Group A sparred for 5 minutes according to the actual boxing method and hit Group C in the face, and after a one-minute break, Group B entered the ring and assaulted Group C with their fists.

Judge Kim said, "The defendants pretended to be sparring and assaulted the victim alternately for two hours.

Earlier, Group A and Group B were first arrested and indicted on charges of assaulting and seriously injuring classmate D (17) by sneaking into a community sports facility for residents in an apartment in Jung-gu, Incheon around 3 pm on November 28, last year. .

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that they had Army D wear a head protector and then violently assaulted him for about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Groups A and B continued to slap their faces with their fists in boxing gloves, ignoring them even though group D begged, "Please stop."

He also sprayed water on his face to wake D-kun, who was completely unconscious, and dragged him around with his droopy body.

Group D, who suffered serious head and back injuries, was unconscious due to cerebral hemorrhage.

In May of this year, the court sentenced group A and group B to a long term of 8 to 4 years in prison, respectively.

All three cases committed by them can be merged in the appeal trial currently in progress at the Seoul High Court and the sentence can be re-sentenced.

(Photo = Captured from the Internet bulletin board of the Blue House National Petition, Yonhap News)