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government predicted that the fourth pandemic would peak around the end of September. However, as you have heard earlier, as the number of patients is expected to increase for the time being, I am concerned that the time to return to daily life will continue to be delayed.

This part was pointed out by Cho Dong-chan, a medical professional reporter.

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Portugal, the second dose rate for adults has reached 85%.

It is the highest in the world.

[Portugal Lisbon citizens: Portugal 85% vaccination rate was considered a miracle. I did not think it would be achieved.]

Looking at the trend of confirmed cases in Portugal, it peaked at the end of July and has been on a downward trend for over two months.

Singapore ranks fourth in the world with an adult second dose rate of 77%, not inferior to Portugal.

However, the number of confirmed cases is increasing rapidly.

As the vaccination completion rate went up, the number of confirmed cases was expected to decrease significantly, but this has changed with the advent of the delta mutation.

This is because the infectivity is strong 4 days before the onset of symptoms and the transmission rate is faster than the existing virus.

Portugal with 85% vaccination completion and Singapore with 77%.

Let's substitute Korea here.

The number of confirmed cases per 1 million people was unified.

Singapore is, of course, better controlled than Portugal, which passed the peak of the Fourth Pandemic.

This time, we will look at Korea separately.

It fluctuates between two peaks on August 15th and September 20th.

It is unsettling that 38% of infected people with unknown routes, so they cannot be traced, is a worrisome factor, but the increase in vaccination rates is positive.

Predicting the vertices in this state is practically difficult.

Still, the number of severe cases and deaths from Corona has entered a declining phase.

When the quarantine authorities compared the number of patients with severe cases from the previous week, it continued to decrease from 417 four weeks ago, down to 342 last week.

Weekly deaths also fell from 74 four weeks ago to 36 last week.

[Choejaeuk / Ancient Medicine Preventive Medicine Professor: New Confirmed party numbers rather than the time the above severe patients and chimyeongryul management major is (going to be), if well maintained do not need to worry too much about that part of]

the proliferation of large width count but kkeokeoya , it is more important to reduce the number of severe cases and deaths by increasing the vaccination completion rate.

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