Last month, the employment rate increased slightly by 0.8 percentage point from the same month a year ago. However, there are many voices saying that they do not feel the announcement. If you look closely, the actual number of jobs for young people in their 20s and 30s has decreased compared to last year due to a statistical optical illusion created by increasing short-term public jobs.

Reporter Yoon Na-ra.

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the first half of this year, the unemployment rate was 0% in Jindo, Jeollanam-do.

The majority of local residents say they can't believe the statistics office's report.

[Seo Jong-chan (pseudonym) / Jindo-gun restaurant president: It doesn't make sense. I know my younger brothers and sisters, and there are a lot of people hanging out around me.]

Of the 30,000 residents of Jindo, 10% of them work in government-created financial jobs.

Most of them are elderly people who clean parks or do flower gardening, but they are classified as employed.

[Chun-hwa Kim / Member of Jindo County (Democratic Party): Senior jobs and public jobs are short-term jobs. The employment rate of young people is not so stable.]

This is a cabbage field in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, where seedlings should be in full swing.

We have to plant cabbage on 10,000 pyeong of land, but there are only two people working.

This is because the supply of foreign workers has been blocked due to the corona virus, and some residents have escaped to public work.

The situation is similar in neighboring fields.

[Kim Gui-i / Haenam-gun Cabbage Field Owner: Because of public work, farmers are very dissatisfied.]

[Jeong Ki-jeong/CEO of the Four Seasons Agricultural Association: People have to come, but they all go there (public labor).]

This year, the government finances Of the 1 million public jobs created, 80% are senior jobs.

The Legislative Research Service said that reflecting the elderly job project in employment statistics could distort the employment reality.

[Park Young-beom/Professor of Economics at Hansung University: If you get a job even for an hour a week, you get a job. However, the number of jobs over 35 or 36 hours is decreasing. Jobs in their 60s were created, but the number of people in their 30s and 40s decreased sharply.] In

the case of the youth digital job project with a budget of 1 trillion won this year, 60,000 jobs were created, but 20% of them quit within half a year.

[Bakmirae (a pseudonym) / 20 job seekers: sustenance is because you must work part-time while Antebellum (I work) (salary) got nearly 1.92 million won]

the first quarter of this year 20 less jobs and 30 jobs, compared with the same period last year They were reduced by 35,000 and 63,000, respectively.

[Kim, Yong - Ki / Job Board Vice Chair: Rather employment rate has risen because it reduced the number of employees dwaetgi much more sharply the population decline (of age), or rather the fact]

The government also got the entire job increase in financial jobs, businesses, the elderly poverty He said the problem has been improved.

However, experts criticize that the government is obstructing the creation of high-quality youth jobs by focusing only on improving the figures.

[Kim Tae-gi / Emeritus Professor of Economics, Dankook University: As the government creates jobs with finances, the number of private jobs decreases.

what a rule of thumb

Nothing is free in this world.]

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