It was confirmed that the operator of 'Night War', the largest prostitution brokerage site in the Philippines arrested on the 22nd, was running a prostitution site with 800 registered establishments while fleeing, leading a luxurious life.

An acquaintance of the operator, Mo Park, said in an interview with SBS, "Park ran a large prostitution and casino site again while fleeing from the Philippines."

He also testified that he enjoyed gambling with billions of dollars from his criminal proceeds.

In addition, Mr. Park's accommodation was "a luxury condo right next to the Korean embassy, ​​and I did not worry too much about being wanted by Interpol and enjoyed a luxurious life."

Even before the War of the Night, Park made great profits as the operator of the nation's largest prostitution mediation site such as 'Dizzy Night' and 'Dizzy Run', but even when the co-operator 'Three Brothers' was arrested, he avoided arrest alone.

Park's criminal proceeds are estimated to reach 20 billion won, and Mr. A, who was in charge of Mr. Park's money laundering, is still on the run.

More details will be provided in <SBS 8 News> shortly.