YouTube is currently testing a brand new feature.

This allows you to download videos from an Internet browser without having to go through another application.

For the time being, the test of this new service is only accessible to Premium subscribers of the streaming video platform, reports the specialized media


, this Thursday.

The goal of the new feature is to provide the ability for users to download videos locally so that they can later watch them offline.

The full-scale test of this service should end on October 19.

For the moment, YouTube has not indicated whether this feature would be permanently integrated into the platform for all users after this date.

Videos can only be played from YouTube website

Premium subscribers to the platform can therefore find a simple “Download” button that is displayed under a video when it is being viewed.

The functionality has also been integrated into YouTube's three-dot menu.

However, downloaded videos can only be played from the platform's website interface.

It will thus be loaded from the browser cache when the Internet connection is cut.

Downloaded videos cannot therefore be imported into a media player or video editing software.

Finally, to benefit from this feature, users must be equipped with a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera.

The new tool is already available on Android and iOS mobile apps.


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