Teenagers who beat a woman in her 60s have been handed over to the prosecution for not complying with a request to buy cigarettes instead.

According to the police, the Gyeonggi Yeoju Police Station arrested two people, including a group A (teenager), on charges of assault and sent them to the prosecution yesterday (23rd).

It is said that the police also sent three teenagers who were with Army A at the time of the crime without detention on the same charges.

Five people, including group A, are accused of hitting several times with flowers holding the head and shoulders of a woman in her 60s on a road in Hongmun-dong, Yeoju, around 11:30 pm on the 25th of last month.

This assault process was captured in a video that was presumed to have been filmed by one of the group A's.

Looking at the video of the crime, a male student approaches Mr. B and says, "I'll buy you a cigarette, I won't."

When Mr. B hesitates, he slaps Mr. B's head and shoulder with flowers and mocks him.

The party who watched this watched and laughed without stopping the assault.

In addition, it was reported that Army A and others threatened B by kicking the cart.

The video has recently spread around online communities and has garnered outrage from netizens.

It is known that the police received a report that 'a number of students were gathered' at around 10:55 pm on the 27th of last month and recognized the crimes of these people in the process of investigating the group A, etc.

A police official said, "During the investigation, it was revealed that Army A had been harassing Mr. B several times since the beginning of last month, so we decided to send him."