It is a real-time e-news that looks at the news that has become a hot topic on the Internet overnight.

I saw a lot of articles about cases where photos of private life were leaked while changing smartphones at KT dealerships.

A woman in her 20s working as a YouTuber found out about the leak of personal information only after receiving a photo of herself from a man she didn't know last May.

About two months ago, a phone call from a KT agency in Seoul asking for a discount consultation started.

The agent at the dealership asked me to return my old cell phone under a discount condition, so I deleted the picture on the phone and returned it.

However, in the meantime, the dealership employee restored the photos on the phone and leaked them.

As soon as the coverage began, the agency said that it offered 100 million won to the victim as a condition of blocking the report.


The news that the 16th typhoon Dandelion was heading north was also of great interest.

The dandelion, which is moving northward from the western sea of ​​Guam, will develop into a very strong typhoon with a maximum wind speed of 50 m/s in the beginning of next week, and it is expected that it will approach the sea around 990 km southeast of Okinawa, Japan.

The travel route of typhoon Dandelion predicted by each meteorological agency is somewhat different. The Korea Meteorological Administration and the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center are predicting that it will move in the southwest direction of Japan on the 28th, while the Japan Meteorological Agency and the European Medium-Term Forecast Center predict that it will move toward the end of this month. It is expected to head towards the central part of Japan.

Typhoons approaching Korea in autumn move along the edge of the North Pacific high pressure, so by the end of this month, the path of the typhoon is expected to change depending on the location of the North Pacific high pressure.


I've seen many articles about the arrest of the operator of the nation's largest prostitution brokerage site, 'War of the Night'.

Last year, as SBS continued to report on the reality of the prostitution site and the police launched a intensive crackdown, three out of four key operators of the Night War were caught and the site was closed.

At that time, it was revealed that the income they received in exchange for prostitution was more than 20 billion won.

However, the operator, known as the real owner of the site, disappeared after fleeing to the Philippines. Recently, cooperation with the Philippine authorities paid off, and after two years of escaping, 48-year-old Mo Park, the operator of the War of the Night, was arrested.

Park is known to have lived near Manila by stealing the proceeds of crimes under the name of a relative.

The police will soon repatriate Park, who is imprisoned in a local detention center in the Philippines, to Korea for investigation.