A man who lashed out at a resident of the same apartment building for attempting to park next to his car in an apartment parking lot is controversial.

On the online community 'Bobae Dream', yesterday (23rd), an article titled 'A blackmailer using 3 parking spaces in an apartment' was posted.

According to the article, author A found the apartment parking lot to park at around 11 o'clock the night before.

He found a vacant seat in the three-seat parking line and approached to stop the car.

Then the driver of the car parked in the middle of the three-seater began to sound his horn continuously.

A said, "The car parked in the middle said 'Bang', so I thought I pressed the wrong button at first. It was terribly 'Bang-Bang', so I parked it somewhere else and entered the house."

However, Mr. A's fear did not stop there. This is because a call came in from Mr. A's cell phone around midnight. When A's husband answered the phone, the caller was none other than the owner, B, who sounded the horn.

When Mr. A's husband asked why he called, Mr. B said, "Why do you want to park when no one can park next to my car. There are many parking spaces, and it is inflexible." Soon, Mr. B yelled aloud in the middle of the apartment, and in the end Mr. A and Mrs. and Mrs. A called the police.

According to the article, even while being taken away by the police, Mr. B said, "Be careful on the road at night", "I will rape you",It was reported that he used abusive language such as "Are you going to sleep?"

Person A continued, "In the morning, the police called and said that Mr. B had already apologized to us.

Mr. A also released a black box video in the article.

In the video, Mr. B parked the car and chased after Mr. A on his way home, and when he missed it, he returned to Mr. A's car, checked his phone number, and wandered around.

Person A said, "At the time, Mr. B was drunk and seemed to have been driving under the influence, but the police could not identify and said that he may have drank at home." He said, "I am worried because I live in the same apartment. ' he complained.

Netizens who saw this were outraged with comments such as "Please file a formal complaint for sexual harassment and harassment", "Please punish me according to the law instead of being merciful", and "There are many crazy people".

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(Photo=Online Community Baby Dream)