Today's (23rd) 8 o'clock news will start with our exclusive coverage. As the coronavirus vaccination accelerates, there were many voices calling for us to prepare to return to our daily lives. So, the quarantine authorities have been discussing with experts, and we have obtained a government report containing the plan. The plan is to change the response system from the confirmed cases to the dead or severe cases, and manage the corona like the flu in the future.

The main contents of the step-by-step recovery plan will be delivered first by reporter Park Soo-jin.


In May, Oh Myung-don, chairman of the Central Clinical Trial Committee, announced that it was impossible to achieve herd immunity, which caused a stir.

[Oh Myeong-don / Chairman of the Central Clinical Trial Committee for Novel Infectious Diseases (last May): Herd immunity will be difficult to achieve. The coronavirus will become indigenous and continue to exist on Earth.]

Four months after that, the government acknowledged this as the number of confirmed cases around 2,000 continued despite the increase in vaccination rates.

This is a government report with a step-by-step recovery plan.

If you look at this report, it is diagnosed that "there is a limit to achieving herd immunity by vaccination alone" and "the current 4-step distance is not effective."

The government is preparing a different Corona response strategy than ever before.

First of all, it is a plan to change the corona epidemic index, which is centered on the number of confirmed cases, into the fatality rate and hospital bed utilization rate.

The number of confirmed cases counted and announced every day is released on a weekly basis or when it exceeds a certain level.

There are also changes in the application of distance according to the number of confirmed cases.

We are discussing a system that will reduce the current 4-step distance to phase 2 or 3, and ultimately operate only when a pandemic advisory is issued like the flu.

It also means that only the use of multi-use facilities and the limit of the number of private gatherings can be enforced.

However, the mandatory wearing of a mask remains regardless of the stage.

The plan is to manage the corona like the flu, but it was estimated that 1,500 to 2,500 deaths per year could be accommodated.

[Kim Yun/Professor of Medical Management Department, Seoul National University: Our society as a whole is now caught in the trap of the number of confirmed cases.

We can only recover from there in a step-by-step manner.] The

report emphasized that the new corona response system, including social distancing, needs a step-by-step transition to build a public consensus.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok·Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Kang Kyung-rim)

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