The Citizens' Association (hereafter referred to as the Citizens' Association) with Grandma Shinji announced today (24th) that they have filed a complaint with the police for insulting foreigners by hitting the head of the 'Peace Girl Statue' in Daegu February 28 Memorial Park.

The citizen group took a video of two foreign men beating the head of the Statue of Peace and uploaded it on social media on the 19th, and filed a complaint to the police for insulting them.

The video, which has now been deleted, shows a girl banging her head or having fun next to her, taking a commemorative photo.

After the controversy broke out, they went back to the statue the next day and said, 'I made a mistake.

I'm sorry" and uploaded a video of him apologizing.

An official from the Citizens' Association said, "Foreign men mocked the statue symbolizing the comfort women victims, and many people watched the video." said.

In Daegu last June, a man in his 40s was charged with property damage after he took off the mask on the statue of a girl and removed the butterfly pattern put on by the donors.