The tax on digital services, nicknamed "Gafa tax", should bring about 518 million euros to France in 2022. This is the estimate of the draft budget presented this Wednesday by the government.

This would be the most important revenue since the entry into force of the tax.

The latter has already brought in 277 million euros in 2019, 375 million in 2020 and was expected to bring in 358 million in 2021 according to forecasts.

The digital giants have taken advantage of the Covid-19 crisis, thanks to the accelerated digitization of the economy and teleworking.

A global tax for 2023?

In July 2019, France had adopted this "Gafa tax" (Google, Apple, Facebook Amazon) of 3% on the turnover achieved in the country by the digital giants, which exceed 750 million euros in activity global.

In the future, an international digital tax could replace the French tax.

The G20 finance ministers approved in early July a tax reform project deemed "revolutionary", which plans to introduce a world tax of at least 15% on the profits of the largest international firms.

The project also provides for a more equitable distribution of the rights to tax these companies.

Some 130 countries had signed a declaration to this effect a few days earlier.

To reach a comprehensive agreement, the European Union then suspended its plan for a digital tax on the American giants.

The details of this reform have yet to be negotiated within the framework of the OECD for implementation from 2023.


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