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  • Money Bizum: this is how the Spanish PayPal for mobile phones works, which is sweeping our country

Telematics scams are, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon in our country.

Criminals take advantage of the popularity hook of big brands and technology companies to generate a false sense of tranquility in their victims and thus be able to extract money from them.

Using the claim of Amazon, Correos or the Tax Agency to commit this type of fraud is extremely common.

A list in which

Bizum is becoming an increasingly popular claim


Bizum is a payment platform commonly used by individuals that allows you to send up to

1,000 euros

practically instantaneously.

A service that has become popular quickly and with it scams.

In this sense, the Civil Guard warns of the most common modus operandi for this type of fraud.

A way of proceeding very similar to the one that the National Police warned months ago.

The new Bizum scam step by step

The scam begins when the victim receives a message through WhatsApp that apparently has been sent by a contact on their phone book.

In this message, the one who is apparently our contact tells us that they

have mistakenly made us a Bizum of 50 euros

because he was confused when he wanted to send the money to another person.

The scam is that our contact is not such (but a criminal who has managed to use his phone number) and that

we have never received a transfer of 50 euros

from that person.

Other scams using Bizum

Another of the best known forms of fraud using Bizum occurs through the pages and applications intended for the

sale of objects

between individuals.

In this case,

the offender pretends to be a buyer interested

in acquiring a product that the victim puts up for sale.

After showing his interest in a certain item, the buyer affirms that he is going to make a

transfer "as a reserve" of 400 euros

through Bizum and urges the seller to accept the transaction.

However, what the alleged buyer is doing is sending the seller a

request to receive money


In case of accepting, the seller

would have sent 400 euros from his account

to the account belonging to the scammer.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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