The surprising Microlino, a new electric car that some consider cute, is coming to the Netherlands next year.

The design harks back to the funny BMW Isetta from the fifties.

The Swiss company Micro Mobility, until now mainly known as a producer of microsteps, was clearly inspired by the classic BMW Isetta with the new, tiny electric car.

The car, intended as ideal urban transport, will also be for sale in the Netherlands next year, the builder reports to



The company started development as early as 2016 and a production-ready version was presented last year.

The Microlino was one of the crowd pullers at the IAA car fair in Munich this month and

AutoWeek was

able to view it up close for the first time.

As with the Isetta of yesteryear, through a door at the front you enter a very simple interior with two seats that should be sufficient for two adults on their own.

The Microlino does not offer a high-quality finish, many buttons or electronic tricks.

It is mainly intended for quick and easy - and environmentally friendly - to get from A to B in busy city traffic.

Just like before, you enter through the front.

Just like before, you enter through the front.

Photo: Microlino AG

Unexpected luggage space of 230 liters

The car is only 2.43 meters long, 1.50 meters wide and 1.43 meters high.

This micro size makes it easy to park.

Nevertheless, you can take a little more with you than just a lunch box, because in the back is an unexpected 230 liters of luggage space.

A single electric motor has been chosen for the drive, which is located in the rear and drives the rear wheels.

This produces an extremely modest power of just under 26 hp, although that is more than the Microlino had earlier in its development phase.

There is also now independent wheel suspension at the front and rear and, according to the manufacturer, the Microlino uses electricity 10 percent more efficiently than before.

Movie star Cary Grant advertised the BMW Isetta in the 1950s.

Movie star Cary Grant advertised the BMW Isetta in the 1950s.

Photo: Ampnet

The Microlino's performance isn't earth-shattering

The car needs five seconds to sprint from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour. Its top speed is 90 kilometers per hour. Depending on the chosen battery pack (6 kWh, 10.5 kWh or 14 kWh), the Microlino has an expected driving range of 95, 175 or 230 kilometers. Recharging is only possible with an AC charger and it takes roughly four hours to bring the capacity from 0 to 80 percent.

The Microlino does not offer earth-shattering performance, but it seems to be useful in the city.

Especially when you consider that the tiny car gets a price almost as modest as its actions.

In Germany, the car is expected to cost no more than 12,500 euros.

It should go on sale at the beginning of next summer.

It has not yet been announced what it will cost in the Netherlands.

The manufacturer says that 24,000 orders have been received from all over Europe.

In this video from AutoWeek you can see an impression of the 1959 BMW Isetta.

Disagreement leads to two models

  • The Swiss Micro Mobility Systems showed the Microlino in 2016: a small city EV whose striking body was strongly reminiscent of that of the Isetta's from the fifties.

    Tecno Meccanica Imola (TMI), now part of the German Artega GmbH, was to build the car.

    Unfortunately, the cooperation was terminated because the agreement between the companies, according to the German regulator, smelled of cartel formation.

    TMI then started working on the concept and decided to market the car itself.

    This resulted - after a settlement between Artega/TMI and Micro Mobility - in the KARO-Isetta.

    Artega will build this retro car, which is also inspired by the Isetta.

The interior is simple, but effective.

The interior is simple, but effective.

Photo: Microlino AG