Today (21st) is the day of Chuseok, so there must be some people who are preparing to visit their parents or go to the grave, although today it has been raining since dawn. The road conditions may not be that good, but let's start with the traffic situation today. Our reporter is out at a highway rest area.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun, looking back, it looks like it's raining quite a bit.


Yes, I am now at the Anseong rest area in Gyeonggi-do.

As it is still early, there are not many vehicles here, but in the afternoon, it is expected to be crowded with people rushing to return home.

The traffic volume is gradually increasing in various parts of the highway, which has been released during the night of the fourth day of the holiday, but as the car that came home early in the final procession and the heavy rain added to it, a section of congestion is forming little by little.

The congestion on the return road, which is starting to occur from now on, peaks around 3 or 4 pm, and it seems to be resolved only at 9 pm.

If you leave Busan now, it takes 5 hours and 10 minutes to get to the Seoul tollgate.

It takes about 5 hours 20 minutes from Mokpo, 4 hours 50 minutes from Ulsan, and 4 hours 10 minutes from Daegu.

The Korea Highway Corporation predicted that about 5.22 million vehicles will use the expressway across the country today.


So, it seems like it will be pushed the most around 3 or 4 pm today. Also, is there anything to be careful about when using the highway due to the corona virus?

<Reporter> It's

already the second Chuseok with Corona 19, but to prevent the spread of infection, you cannot eat food at the interior of the highway service area until tomorrow, when the holiday is over, only packing is allowed.

In addition, you can receive a diagnostic test at the Anseong Service Area, as well as the temporary screening test centers installed at 17 major transportation hubs such as highway rest areas and terminals.

It is important to note that highway tolls, which were exempted, are being charged during this holiday period, just like the previous holidays.