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east coast of Gangwon-do, people flocked to enjoy car camping and car parking in every parking lot on the beach with a good view.

However, some are pitching tents in prohibited places, secretly dumping garbage, and stealing crops.

Reporter Jo Jae-geun conducted on-site coverage.


A beach parking lot in Yangyang, Gangwon-do.

It is a place where camping and cooking are prohibited, but cars and tents were packed.

It's the second day of the holiday, but one side of the parking lot is already full of garbage.

Garbage was also dumped on a nearby beach.

There is a banner prohibiting unauthorized dumping, but it is useless.

They also threw away the firecrackers they used to play with and the charcoal they were burning.

[Lee Jun-young / Villager: When you say you can't do garbage or illegal camping, you're like, 'What are you doing here?'

Since we talked about fighting like this, I'm actually a little scared to even go there now.] The

bathroom has also become filthy with garbage and filth.

Leftover fish, fishing lead and hooks, and butane gas cylinders were also thrown away.

[Environmental sanitation agency: You can go to their house and separate (dispose) in another bag.

They say they throw it all out here.]

It is basic to take a large bucket of water for camping, and sometimes I take a shower in the bathroom or wash my sandy feet in the sink.

[Environmental sanitation agency: Put your feet up, wash and fill them with sand, and then they go there, but we cleaners take a lot of time to drill through them one by one.] In the

vegetable garden in the highland 1,000 meters above sea level, tourists who stay overnight take their crops secretly. I also go.

[Gimsimun / Town chapter: (Chinese cabbage) values also got filled properly, yet many go TKO jyeotneunde pick geureongeol Did cant not speak there an already upset say -

jjipurige more eyebrows at a time when unscrupulous behavior of some tourists tough to Corona are making

(Video coverage: Heo Chun)