The story of a subway driver appealing to a room announcement saying that his family was victimized by dating violence became known through social media.

On the 16th, a tweet was posted on Twitter saying, "I was on Line 4 on my way home from work, and the engineer said that his family died of dating violence a while ago.

The person who wrote the article said he heard the announcement and said, "I was so sad that I almost cried."

The engineer who aired the broadcast was known to be the family of victim A of the 'Mapo-gu dating violence' incident, and asked the passengers for their understanding, saying, 'The announcement will be inconvenient, but there is no other way to inform it.'

Mr. A died on the 17th of last month after falling into a coma after being assaulted while arguing with his boyfriend at an officetel in Mapo-gu, Seoul in July.

The boyfriend was arrested on the 15th on the charge of manslaughter.

On the 25th of last month, the family of victim A posted a petition on the Blue House public petition bulletin board, 'I am the mother of a daughter who died after being assaulted by her boyfriend' and requested the arrest of the perpetrator and disclosure of the identity of the perpetrator.