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The course starts.

With September already reaching its halfway point,

no one escapes the feeling that a new school and work season has engulfed everything


Also the consumption of series, which tends to restart after forgetting and / or bingeing in the summer.

Here is a selection of productions that, despite having gone more or less unnoticed, can easily hold the coveted attention of viewers.

The Nevers (HBO)

It was to be

Joss Whedon's

triumphant return

to television. But things did not go as planned. Whoever embraced success as a film director with

The Avengers

and its sequel,

Avengers: Age of Ultron

, returned to the field of series after their eventful stint

in the Justice League

. But the creator of

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

was caught up in controversy over his past attitudes on set and in November 2020 he left the production and development of

The Nevers


that, however, has been well received by critics by recovering that touch between light and transcendental brand of the house.

The plot centers on a group of women from the Victorian era,

Las Tocadas

, who

acquire supernatural abilities after a mysterious event


The subscription to HBO Spain is available here.

The Director (Netflix)

Sandra Oh

- winner of two Golden Globes for

Killing Eve


Grey's Anatomy -


Jay Duplass

- with an Emmy for the documentary

Wild Wild Country

- to star in this tragicomedy that marks the producing debut on Netflix of

DB Weis


David Benioff

, the promoters of

Game of Thrones

. With scripts by

Amanda Peet

, an actress recognized for her roles in

Falsas appearances



, the fiction tells the story of

a teacher who becomes the first woman to occupy the head of the English department of a prestigious university.

which will give rise to a varied range of generational clashes, problems with political correctness and lack of representation.

Physical (Apple TV +)

Sheila Rubin (

Rose Byrne

) is a quiet housewife and supposedly happy with her monotony in '80s San Diego, who focuses on supporting her awkward husband Danny Rubin (

Rory Scovel

) in his race to state government. But when she is alone, Sheila gives vent to her frustrations:

she is not happy with her physique, her personality, or her life

. One day he will find an escape route that will change the way he understands the world: aerobics. What's more, his idea of ​​joining his new hobby to the nascent VHS will make nothing ever the same again. Created by

Annie Weisman


Desperate Housewives

), personalities like

Craig Gillespie



) or

Liza Johnson




Secrets of Museums (Amazon Prime Video)

The series, broadcast on History Canada Channel,

mixes astonishing discoveries about apparently recognized things with surprising revelations of unknown objects.

Each episode travels to a world-famous museum (

the Louvre, the VatiCanos Museums, the Hermitage or the MET

) with the aim of unraveling the history of six irreplaceable artifacts.

Research and the latest technology will aim to unravel the legend that surrounds each of them.

Subscribe here to Amazon Prime Video.

Twilight (Disney +)

In a remote part of

the island of Tasmania, a place "between life and death" where the "bones and restless spirits" of the prisoners held there by the English Crown in the 19th century are still palpable

, the unidentified body appears. of a woman. She has been brutally murdered, something unusual in the place, forcing Detective Molly McGee (

Emma Booth

), known for her less than exemplary methods, to reconnect with Alex O'Connell (Ewen Leslie), a partner with whom she shares a tragic past that neither of them wishes to remember. The setting - the series was shot entirely in Tasmania, whose government provided all kinds of facilities - becomes one more character, with

a plot that also looks to the past, focusing on an unsolved case 20 years ago related to political corruption


To subscribe to Disney + you can access here.

Pretty Hard Cases (Cosmopolitan)

Crime Squad Detective Samantha Wazowski (

Meredith MacNeill

) and Drug Squad Detective Kelly Duff (

Adrienne C. Moore

) are two women of radical opposite character who are equally upset and needy. Sam and Kelly are off to a good start.

While the former is busy dismantling another gang to add to its impressive track record, the latter has just returned from a successful four-month sting operation.

But it is not until their chance meeting during a failed operation that they both realize they are after the same goal. Who then gets the case?

Tassie Cameron


Sherry White

They have created two ambitious women, who excel in their work even if they do it in exchange for their personal life going down the drain.

In fact, they could make a great team ... if they didn't hate each other.

Professor T (Movistar)

Adaptation of a Belgian series of the same title, Jasper Tempest, known as

Professor T


Ben Miller

), is an eccentric and obsessive-compulsive expert in Criminology who is forced to collaborate with the Homicide Department when a student is attacked in the Cambridge campus where he teaches.

With a "purely academic" interest in crime - since, as he himself claims, he does not like to "get his hands dirty" - Tempest will have to investigate the assault

and reveal its similarities with another that occurred years ago with Inspector Lisa Donckers (

Emma Naomi

), a former student of hers. The production takes the form of a procedural that begins and ends with Professor T's reflections, but various


they will reveal what caused the upheavals of a character halfway between House and Sherlock Holmes.

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