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told you that a male nurse's assistant molested and illegally filmed female patients who were sleeping after receiving a sleep endoscopy. After the report, many women were worried that they might be victims too, but as a result of the coverage, it was revealed that there were actually many more victims.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha reports.


[SBS 8 News on the 12th of last month: A male nursing assistant who molested and filmed female patients who did not wake up from anesthesia after receiving a sleep endoscopy was arrested.]

Last month, women who fell asleep after endoscopy at this hospital reported by SBS A male nursing assistant in his 20s who illegally filmed a body part and sexually assaulted him was handed over to trial.

Mr. A, who received a sleep endoscopy here, has been suffering from severe anxiety ever since he found out about it.

[Mr. A / Patient visiting the hospital: I suddenly got a lot of fear and fear because of the thought of 'I could be myself'. In the old days, I thought it was someone else's story, but because it's a concept that's happening even at that moment in the hospital where I'm receiving treatment... .] In

fact, as the investigation progressed, additional victims were identified.

The number of victims identified as 12 in the police investigation stage increased to 31 as a result of the prosecution investigation.

It was difficult to identify the victim with only a picture of a body part, but the prosecution added 19 victims whose names are unknown to the charges.

However, even if they are punished for committing such a sexual offense, the perpetrator can return to work at a medical institution.

This is because, although medical personnel are included in the occupations restricted by sex offenders, nursing assistants are not included in medical personnel under the Medical Act.

[Attorney Oh Seon-hee/Minbyun Women's Committee: It doesn't make sense to say that the legislative purpose of preventing a person with a history of sexual offenses from working again as a medical practitioner does not apply to (nursing) assistants. Of course, it should also apply to assistants... .]

There are voices calling for reviewing the provision of separate regulations for nursing assistants who are entrusted with auxiliary duties but spend a lot of time in contact with patients.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jong-tae)