BMW Motorrad has undergone an astonishing change in image, based on a model policy with which the former old-fashioned brand rose to become a cheeky trendsetter in various market segments.

In this context, the brilliant super sports car S 1000 RR, the classic R nineT series or the R-18 family with the dazzlingly brawny “Big Boxer” engine should be mentioned.

Munich's people also dare to do something when it comes to electronics, unlike many others.

They never had anything to offer just for the very young audience of 16 and over.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

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That will change with the CE 02 electric light motorcycle, now presented as a concept.

With this CE 02, a small, electrically powered, youthfully fresh vehicle will probably come onto the market within the next two years, of which one cannot exactly say whether it is more of a scooter or more of a motorcycle.

The presentation of the Concept CE 02 left a lot of things blurred, but the contours are enough to make the target direction and the technology clear.

The battery-electric CE 02 represents a frontal attack on the currently still valid motorization habits.

At the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer, with its unconventional appearance with the promise of light-heartedness, the vehicle is seen more as a “skateboard on two wheels” than a motorcycle.

The proportions of the vehicle, which is small and low overall, are youthful.

It is in black and silver.

The surfaces are as good as not decorated, but the CE 02 should by no means whir around bare.

Stickers and tapes are expressly desired as individualization.

The vehicle should be something like “the best friend of its owner”, they say at BMW and of course they also want young women to be behind the wheel.

They should also feel attracted by the simple, clear lines and the large disc wheels;

they are reminiscent of a fun bike.

Particularly noticeable on the Concept CE 02 is the long bench, which is only 73 centimeters high.

In the front part it shows an upward curve, over which two rubber bands run crosswise;

this should be able to fix small luggage.

The long, rear-facing bench allows space for different seating positions, but there is also a slender passenger - possibly a little miserable - place.

The fact that the wheels of the Concept CE 02 do not have any cover is due to the concept status;

the production vehicle will also have rear-view mirrors and indicators.

The square headlight on the front with four distinctive LED elements should already correspond to the standard version.

Printing a protection function on the fabric

BMW is still holding back when it comes to the performance data of the battery. A standard range of around 90 kilometers in urban areas is set, and the maximum speed will be 90 km / h. The output limit of the A1 class of 11 kW (15 hp) will be fully exploited. This means that the CE 02, which weighs 120 kilograms, should be able to make a fixed start at the traffic lights.

Together with the series vehicle expected in 2023, BMW will offer a new clothing line, the basic features of which are already emerging. A new level is to be reached in terms of design and protection. According to the information, a new technology allows a protective function to be printed on the fabric. BMW speaks of an "integrated, volume-building material" that is abrasion-resistant and impact-absorbing. Both the production of the materials and the manufacture of the clothing will take place in Germany.

The youth revolt is not over yet. At the IAA Mobility in Munich, BMW not only showed the CE 02, at the same time two other concepts, which are to be ranked below it in terms of vehicle class, made people sit up and take notice. The BMW Vision Amby is an electric moped that, depending on the configuration, should be able to travel at a maximum speed of 25, 45 or 60 km / h. In contrast, the BMW i Vision Amby is a kind of pedelec that is also supposed to achieve 25, 45 or 60 km / h, but can also be moved using the crank without any engine power. With a weight of only 30 kilos, this is also quite possible, says BMW designer Werner Haumayr.

As a pedelec, i.e. without a license, the range is up to 200 kilometers. We know very well that German legislation does not recognize vehicles that are “three in one”, but they want to give food for thought and influence politics to change the rules. BMW dreams of two official pilot projects in Munich and Berlin to further advance the idea. Initial talks would be held. Haumayr: "Ideally, you drive from the periphery to the city at 60 km / h and then switch to 25 mode on the bike path."