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first dose of the corona vaccine exceeded 70% today (17th). The quarantine authorities said that the trend is faster than the US or Japan, and predicted that by the end of next month, 70% of the people will be able to complete their vaccinations.

Medical reporter Yoo Seung-hyun will tell you.

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is a hospital in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

After the doctor's screening, the waiting people receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the inoculation room divided by vaccine type.

As of 5 pm today, 589,000 people have been added to the first dose, and the cumulative number of first doses is around 364,000 people, and 70.1% of the people have completed the first dose.

It has been 203 days since the first vaccination on February 26th.

[Lee Ki-il / Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters First Controller: (The primary vaccination rate) is 64.9% in Japan, so the US is supposed to be 63.47%. By

age, more than 90% of those in their 50s and older, and the vaccination rate of those aged 18 to 49 is approaching 70%.

The quarantine authorities said they would further expand the vaccination incentives to raise the primary vaccination rate to 80%.

This is because the high primary inoculation rate naturally leads to the secondary inoculation rate as most of the primary recipients receive the secondary inoculation.

In addition, the quarantine authorities judge that even if the interval between Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations is long, it will be 6 weeks, so the second dose rate at the end of next month, which is 6 weeks later, will be 70%.

[Jung Eun-kyung / Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: In order to overcome COVID-19, it is very important to be fully vaccinated until the second dose. Be sure to get your second dose... .] If

you reserve the remaining vaccines from today, the second vaccination date can be advanced to 3 or 4 weeks, so the time to achieve 70% of the second dose rate may be earlier.

However, today, when the second dose of the remaining vaccine started, some medical institutions refused to change the inoculation date or an error occurred in the SNS reservation system, so the quarantine authorities took an urgent check.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Jang Seong-beom)