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bereaved family filed a complaint with the police against 13 union members last month in relation to the death of a courier company owner complaining that he had been harassed by the courier union members. The courier union apologized for the deceased's death, but said that the root cause lies in the original contractor.

This is reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.

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subjects of the complaint are 13 people, including 12 union members who were identified in the will by the deceased agency Joo Lee.

The bereaved family said that the union members defamed 30 times and insulted him 69 times in group chat rooms, etc.

[A] / late Mr. Lee's wife: Posting false information such as that the husband stole money to be returned to the delivery driver, or posting severe abusive language that is difficult to speak... .] The

bereaved family criticized that the union members had never apologized after Mr. Lee's death, and that the courier union also tried to mislead the cause of his death.

[Seeds / coriander seeds emo A Wife: through the vivid testimony of the evidence and the art on the non-union courier articles harassment from these facts is surely reveal]

courier union "heart Sorry mourning for the tragic death." “The core of the conflict structure lies in the sidelines of CJ Korea Express, the original contractor.”

[Jin Kyung-ho/Chairman of the National Courier Union: Woncheong (CJ Korea Express) is one step away from legal and social responsibility by putting the agency ahead of the structure in a structure that cannot be solved if it is not responsible.]

He also said that if the results of the investigation are revealed, disciplinary procedures will be taken against the union members involved.

In a situation where the conflict between the agency and the union members is getting deeper and deeper, there are also voices pointing out that the main subcontractors are lagging behind on key conflict factors such as the improvement of the working environment and the problem of fees.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: Won-hee Won)