Amid the news of the extreme choice of the self-employed who were suffering from hardship due to the prolonged quarantine measures against COVID-19, a joint incense burner of the self-employed group was installed near the National Assembly.

The National Self-Employed Emergency Response Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Non-Captain) in response to COVID-19 installed a joint incense burner near the National Assembly Station in Yeouido at 2 pm yesterday (16th) and attempted to hold a press conference urging the government to abolish business restrictions.

However, the incense burner could not be installed as a police task force was deployed in advance and blocked the sidewalk in front of the National Assembly. The police judged the incense burner installation as “an assembly where two or more people have a common purpose and express their opinions,” and insisted that the installation of an incense burner was not permitted in accordance with the city's assembly ban policy.

The captain moved to the road near Yeouido Park and tried to install the incense burner again, but it failed as a police vehicle and about 80 people with experience blocked a truck loaded with flowers and incense burner tents.

At about 8:00 pm, the captain unexpectedly pitched a tent on the sidewalk in front of Exit 3 of Yeouido National Assembly Station and attempted to install an incense burner. The police immediately dispatched a task force to stop the material from being brought in.

In the process, some quarrels occurred as the captain and the police confronted, and one policeman fell backwards and was transported to the hospital.

Opposition presidential candidates and incumbent lawmakers also visited the site. Won Hee-ryong, the presidential candidate for the People's Power, and Ryu Ho-jeong, a member of the Justice Party, arbitrated at around 8:30. People's Strength lawmaker Choi Seung-jae also joined and criticized the police's control, and Justice Party presidential candidate Lee Jung-mi also changed the schedule and visited the site.

Non-captain officials laid a mat next to the tent and installed a temporary incense burner. In the place where the portrait of the portrait was placed, a sign was placed stating 'Small business owners and self-employed people in Korea', and incense candles were lit in disposable plastic cups filled with sand.

The police and the non-captain have agreed on a way to make incense in the vicinity of the temporary incense burner, with a police task force surrounding it, and only one person enters in turn.

From 10:00 p.m., the business limit, condolences from nearby self-employed people continued. Sejong Jo, who runs a pub in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, cried, saying, "I have only debt and injustice for a year after Corona. Please help me so that this doesn't happen again."

The lieutenant colonel plans to operate the incense burner until 11 pm tomorrow (18th). 

(Photo = Yonhap News)