The yellow robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics has had a software update that gives it more features when deployed in industrial environments.

Spot is designed in such a way that it can collect data from its environment with every step.

Release 3.0 of Spot ensures that the robot dog is even more independent and can automatically plan routes, for example.

It can also produce warning sounds to let people nearby know it's coming.

Furthermore, Spot 3.0 can take pictures from the same angle every time with the Spot CAM+ pan-tilt-zoom camera, thanks to scene recognition.

People operating Spot can review live changes Spot notices, such as meter readings and temperature changes.

And finally, the data that the dog has collected can be uploaded directly to the cloud services of, for example, Amazon, Microsoft Azure and IBM Maximo.

The robot dog is not really cheap, because it is sold for about 75,000 dollars (64,000 euros).