Lee Yong-koo, a former deputy justice minister accused of assaulting a taxi driver while drunk, has been handed over to trial. A police officer who closed the investigation after receiving a report of the incident was also indicted, and it has been ten months since the incident occurred.

Reporter Son Hyung-an reports.

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Lee Yong-


, a drunken former vice justice minister, hears the taxi driver saying that he has reached his destination, he suddenly approaches the driver's seat and grabs the driver's neck and swears at him.

[Lee Yong-gu / Former Vice Minister of Justice: XXX… . What are you? (Uh huh! Everything is recorded. I am a taxi driver. I will report it.)] It

is clear that it was an assault case that occurred while driving, but the initial police investigation result ended the internal investigation.

With this disposition, suspicions arose that the police looked after former Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu, who had been up and down as a candidate for the head of the high-ranking public officials crime investigation department at the time, and this led to a re-investigation.

The prosecution, who was handed over the same case from the police in July while conducting its own investigation, handed over former Vice Justice Lee Yong-koo to trial on charges of assaulting a driver under the Special Act.

Two days after the assault, former Vice Minister Lee met with a taxi driver and requested that the video of the assault be deleted.

In addition, a police officer at the Seocho Police Station who did not even make a case after seeing the black box video, which is the key evidence to confirm the reality of the case, was charged with negligence and passed to trial.

However, for the taxi driver charged with destroying evidence by deleting the assault video, the prosecution was suspended considering that he was the victim of the assault.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Kim Jong-tae)