Typhoon Chantu No. 14 is currently approaching Jeju. First, we will connect with reporters who are in Seogwipo to see what the situation is in Jeju.

Reporter Hyo-hyung Lee of JIBS, it seems the rain and wind are strong right now. How is the current situation?


Yes, I am in Bomokpo-gu, Seogwipo-si.

As the typhoon approaches Jeju, the wind and rain are so strong that I cannot open my eyes properly where I am now.

Moreover, even when the sea level is at its lowest right now, strong waves are constantly hitting the breakwater.

Shops and restaurants around here have been closed early since noon yesterday (16th), and residents are waiting for the typhoon to pass without leaving their homes.

The course of the typhoon has moved a little further from Jeju as it is heading south than initially expected, but the wind and rain are still not reassuring.

Due to the impact of the typhoon, the azalea fields in Hallasan have recorded a record amount of accumulated precipitation of 1,000mm since the 13th.

About 40 cases of damage have been received from the 13th to the present as the typhoon circulated in the distant seas of Jeju and slowly ascended.

The sea road connecting Jeju is tightly closed, and more than 2,000 fishing boats are evacuated in Hangpo-gu.

Flight operations were also disrupted, with 15 flights being canceled.

Jeju Island has raised the emergency duty to Level 2 and has entered a 24-hour readiness posture, and today all kindergartens and schools in Jeju are conducting remote classes.