Microsoft no longer requires users to set a password for their Microsoft accounts.

From now on they can choose to log in in other ways, for example with facial recognition or with the help of a code generator.

From Wednesday, people can choose an alternative way of logging in.

The option will be made available to all Microsoft accounts in the coming weeks.

People who want to log in to Microsoft services such as OneDrive or Outlook can now do so using the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello facial recognition, a security key or unique codes that are sent by email or text message.

Microsoft has long wanted to get rid of passwords.

The company says people still use a lot of easy-to-guess passwords.

Complicated passwords are also inconvenient in terms of creating, remembering and managing, according to Microsoft.

However, some Microsoft apps will still require a password to sign in.

This mainly concerns older apps, such as Office 2010 or older and signing in to the Xbox 360.