KPN will in the future support the e-SIM functionality of the new Apple Watch Series 7, with which the watch can connect to a 4G network without an iPhone.

KPN confirms this to after reporting by

RTL Nieuws


It has not been announced when the support will come.

Since the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has been releasing special versions of the smart watches that can connect to mobile internet via e-SIM.

The Series 7 of Apple's smartwatch series has now been presented, but e-SIM support has not yet been offered by any provider.

The e-SIM is an alternative to the traditional SIM card.

The function differs from the traditional SIM card in that no physical card has to be used.

The functionality is built into the watch and can be used by carriers.

KPN has not yet announced when the new functionality will be available for Dutch users.

It is also not yet clear whether the company will charge extra costs to customers who want to use an extra e-SIM option on top of their existing subscription.

With the arrival of e-SIM on the Apple Watch, users are able to use the internet without the watch having to be connected to the user's iPhone.

On a support page, Apple explains how the functionality works.

Apple itself has not yet confirmed that the Watch will come to the Netherlands with e-SIM.

It is not clear whether other providers also have plans for e-SIM support.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile indicates that he cannot say anything about any plans.

VodafoneZiggo has not yet responded to questions from