A son who beat his father to death while drunk and assaulted his mother has been arrested.

The Iksan Police Station in Jeollabuk-do announced today (15th) that it will apply for an arrest warrant for A (48) on charges of personal injury and death.

Mr. A is accused of hitting and killing his father (81) several times in the face and chest at a house in Iksan around midnight yesterday, and his mother (73) also assaulting and injuring him.

The father was rushed to the hospital, but eventually died, and the mother is hospitalized.

Police rushed to the scene after receiving a report from the mother saying, "My son is having a riot," and urgently arrested Mr. A, who was sleeping in the living room drunk.

The police will investigate the circumstances of the incident as soon as Mr. A wakes up from alcohol.

A police official said, "The suspect is not yet drunk and has not yet been investigated."

(Photo = Yonhap News)