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Two premiere films (

Sevillanas de Brooklyn

, on September 17, and


, already in theaters) and another newcomer to Amazon Prime Video (

The cover

) after having gone through theaters make

Carolina Yuste

(Badajoz, 1991) an actress lucky.

"Everything has come together and it's lucky!", He says with a big smile while confirming that in December he will be in Barcelona with the play



Carolina started dancing.

And a lot.

"When I was little I didn't think I wanted to do acting. I liked it and I really like to dance."

Carolina Yuste and Sergio Momo in 'Sevillanas de Brooklyn'.



Sevillanas de Brooklyn

, Carolina Yuste is Ana, a Sevillian girl whose mother

(Estefanía de los Santos

) has organized a monumental mess to avoid losing her home. Nothing less than

making all of his people pass as members of an upper-class family

and thus get an American named Ariel Brooklyn to stay at his house. With the money that Ariel contributes during their stay, they will be able to

fix their financial problems

. The bad thing is when that student discovers the deception as soon as he arrives and rebels against what seems (and is)

a full-blown scam.

"The human being is tremendously ridiculous.

We have invented a series of prejudices, ways of being and behaviors that have sneaked us in and we have believed them. And

we are in that, in demolishing those things

, as

Sevillanas de Brooklyn



" he points out. Yuste when he talks about his imminent premiere.

"In this film we see two characters, Ana and Ariel, who come from two different worlds.

In the end, prejudice is born from a place of deep ignorance and that generates fear.

And the same things happen to all of us.

Only when you meet the person you manage to build something in common ".

Carolina Yuste.

Photo: Bernardo Díaz.

A clash of cultures, a love / hate story between Ana and Ariel and many gags

on account of the picaresque of Ana's family make up a

comedy full of entanglements

in which Carolina Yuste shows that speaking in English she is very good at it.

Just like he did in

The cover

giving life to an Amy Winehouse impersonator.


In many interviews, Carolina Yuste has expressed opinions that have nothing to do with acting and refer (very accurately) to environmentalism or feminism.

"The privilege that I enjoy is an advantage and has to bear a responsibility.

If I did not carry it, you would become an idiot. When I speak in public I say things that I already comment with my friends. And

why restrict me if someone can listen to me

? the one that is falling all over the place ... I have little brothers and

I don't feel like heading to total disaster.

This world we live in is not working. Well, yes, but for a very small group of people. "

Carolina Yuste has a Goya for Best Supporting Actress


Carmen y Lola

(2018), a film that managed to break down many barriers.

The story of two gypsy women who love each other gave a lot to talk about.

And she remembers it fondly.


I love everything that happened to her and the prejudices that she managed to tear down

through a story that Arantxa Echevarría wanted to have on a small budget. People came to tell me what her daughter suffered after seeing the movie or that she hadn't even considered that what was told there was possible. Although, for curious things, that people thought I was a gypsy ".

Image of 'Carmen y Lola'.

Looking back, the actress recalls how she suffered her

first acting-related setback

a year after arriving in Madrid from her native Badajoz.

It was in a gesture theater test for the RESAD-Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático.

"They suspended me with a 2 and I got very angry and even complained! But it

was a gift and I think that life did not want me to study that.

But I was so determined to get there that I tried my luck a year later in text theater and I entered ".


That memory has come to Carolina Yuste on many occasions so that she does not forget that living from acting is not the usual thing. "I have many friends who have a hard time and it is unfeasible for me to forget about it when I think about the good time I live.

But I am not afraid that they will stop calling me to work.

If it were like that I would do my things and I would not wait. I would create my own projects. "

Finally, talking to Carolina Yuste inevitably leads to asking her what she thinks every time she appears in the news with surprising headlines.

"I understand that

many times the media have become click generators.

And that there are times that I see things that have not turned out that way, but they appear that way for whatever reason. Although, what do I know, not to everyone Everything I say is going to be good for him. Sometimes you get a little angry because you haven't said it like that ... but hey, it's scary that they want to place you in a place. And

I am many things. create a stir. "

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