An 80-year-old man has been sentenced to prison for assaulting his wife who refused sexual contact and causing a brain hemorrhage.

On the 15th, judge Kang San-ah, who is the 12th independent criminal of the Incheon District Court, announced today (15th) that A (88), who was charged with special injury, was sentenced to two years in prison.

A was indicted on the charge of striking and injuring his wife B (60) with a blunt weapon at his home in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon on April 29 this year at around 6:40 pm.

He even pushed his wife to the floor, screaming and calling for help, perched on a window of a house 2.8 meters above the floor.

Person A fell out of the window and bled and approached Mr. B, who fainted and assaulted him again with a club, and Mr. B was diagnosed with acute cerebral hemorrhage.

He committed the crime in anger when his wife refused and entered the room after asking for sexual contact.

Person A was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years of probation at the end of last year for using a weapon to injure B in the past.

Judge Kang said, "The defendant assaulted his spouse, the victim indiscriminately, and the victim continued to assault him even though he fell from a window and fell bleeding. The guilt is very heavy." We also want the punishment of

"The defendant has been investigated or punished several times before for sexual assault or forcible molestation of the victim," he said.and explained the reason for the sentencing.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)