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man in his 20s who assaulted a taxi driver while driving was arrested.

A passenger next to the man who was in a drunken state managed to subdue the man, but it almost led to a major accident on the highway.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon reports.


At around 10 pm on the 11th, two young men boarded a taxi.

They both say where they are going, but

[Bupyeong Station, are you sure?] After a

few minutes, the man sitting behind the driver's seat suddenly starts to swear.

[Mr A: XXX, XXX, do you want to die?] The

taxi is in full swing on the highway, and this man is getting out of control.

[Mr. A: Do you think I can't solve this?

XX, unravel this.]

Then, it suddenly jumps forward and starts punching the taxi driver in the face while driving.

Even the passenger who is trying to subdue them is defeated and the riot continues.

Although the taxi driver is severely assaulted, he holds onto the steering wheel and concentrates on driving.

An angry passenger manages to subdue the passenger.

[Passenger: Stand on the shoulder. Quickly. Report it to the police.] The

taxi driver had to find a place to stop the car without feeling any pain.

[Taxi Driver: He kept trying to hit me, so (passenger) suppressed it and held it down. I thought ‘I can’t lose my mind’, so I turned on the hazard lights, went to Songnae IC, and called 112… .]

Fortunately, it didn't lead to a major accident, but thinking about that time still makes me dizzy.

[Taxi Driver: If I drive a little wrong, all three people will die, if I do it wrong. I was being killed by a dog, but I was driving with my mind straight in order not to do that, but isn't it a real attempted murder to assault a driver while driving?]

Mr. A was arrested immediately, but it was confirmed that he stated that he was drunk and did not remember during the police investigation.

The police booked Mr. A for driver injury under the Special Act and applied for an arrest warrant.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Jong-woo Kim)