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The older brother who struck down his younger brother with a knife during a property dispute during his mother's funeral has been arrested by the police. 

Jeonbuk Gochang Police Station announced yesterday (14th) that they had applied for an arrest warrant for a 52-year-old man A on charges of attempted murder. 

Person A is suspected of striking down her 39-year-old brother B with a knife in a hillside in Gochang-gun around 9 am on the 13th.

The weapon used in the crime was a type of heavy sword used for logging, police said.

Mr. B suffered a head injury, but it is known that there is no life-threatening injury. 

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that A committed the crime while looking down at the bed with B on the same day. 

After the death of their mother on the 12th, they had a fierce quarrel over issues such as property inheritance, and it was confirmed that they had a fight at the time of the crime.  

Person A is said to have admitted to the crime, saying, "I was angry on the way down from the mountain." 

A police official said, "It seems that there was a quarrel between brothers during the mother's death." "We applied for an arrest warrant for the suspect after reviewing the motive and circumstances of the crime.

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(Photo = Yonhap News)