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A 40-year-old man who took the wheel again two hours after being caught by the police for drunk driving was sentenced to a fine. 

The Suwon District Court's third sole criminal case (Judge Park Hee-jung) announced today (15th) that a 40-year-old man charged with violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving) was sentenced to a fine of 15 million won.

Mr. A was charged with driving about 15km from Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul to the Gyeongbu Expressway Meeting Plaza rest area at around 11 pm on February 19th with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.119%, which is the license revocation value. 

After being caught by a police officer, Mr. A is also accused of calling a surrogate driver and moving to Jeongja Station in Seongnam-si to drop off a co-worker, and again he took the steering wheel and moved 6 km to the nearby Yongin Suji district. 

It is known that Mr. A stopped his car near the road around 1 am on the 20th, the next day, and fell asleep, but was arrested again by a police officer who was dispatched after receiving a report of suspicion of drinking. 

Mr. A's side argued that although he was arrested twice for drunk driving, it should be regarded as a one-time violation of the law because it was a continuous crime, but the court did not accept it.

The court said, "The police have already been arrested for drunk driving, and a breathalyzer test and investigation have been carried out. It is justified,” he judged. 

He continued, "The crime was bad because he repeatedly drove under the influence of alcohol within a few hours after calling a surrogate driver at the recommendation of a police officer.

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(Photo = Courtesy of Suwon District Court / Yonhap News)