Amid outrage over the story of Baek Goo, who was rescued from a necrotic state with his mouth tied with a thick industrial rubber band, it is said that the water he drank was stained with red blood because of how severe the abuse and pain he suffered.

Se-hyeon Kim, director of Beagle Rescue Network, who was dispatched to the scene at the time of the rescue of Baek-gu, explained in detail the terrible situation at the time through an interview with CBS radio 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' today (15th).

According to Director Kim, "On the 12th, an acquaintance called me crying, and he said that a dog was walking slowly with a long leash, and when I saw it, it was strange that it was gasping for breath with its mouth curled up on an industrial rubber band." .

"(An acquaintance said) Baekgu was having a hard time, so he loosened the rubber band. He is a cat mom, so he quickly got out of the car with cat food and water. They said he drank water in a hurry. (My mouth was open) I was drinking water, but it was said that there was so much blood that all the water was stained with blood."

Director Kim said that Baekgu, who is currently hospitalized, has not eaten and water for over a week, so his kidneys and heart are all damaged, and his condition is serious, and he is dry enough to see the pelvic bones.

In the photo released on the 14th by Beagle Rescue Network on SNS, Baekgu has a severely swollen mouth, bleeding marks and terrible wounds all over the place.

"Baekgu, who is very hungry, wants to eat food, but his mouth is so swollen that the bite doesn't happen, so all the food leaks out of the side of his snout and he can't eat it."

At the end of the interview, Director Kim cried out to the abuser with a sad heart.

"It's so much good one hundred degree Lined with that name 'Emperor' Why abuser would like just to ask how knocked to do a good one hundred, and I hope just caught jyeoteumyeon subjected to severe punishment."

Meanwhile the police to find a suspect who abuse one hundred started an investigation.

On the 14th, a person in charge of the investigation at the Jinan Police Station in Jeollabuk-do said, "We investigated the heads of villages near the forbidden intersection in Sangjeon-myeon, Jinan-gun, where Baekgu was found, but I heard that 'it doesn't seem like a village Jindo dog'. said.

A police official said, "So far, we have not found any meaningful clues about the abuser, but we are investigating in various ways as the animals were cruelly abused."

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(Photo = provided by Beagle Rescue Network)