Two days ago (the 13th), a wife in her 70s, who was suffering from dementia, and her husband in her 80s, who was taking care of her, were found dead together at home. As the wife's illness deepened, the husband who was taking care of her complained of difficulties and showed signs of psychological abnormalities.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Han Seong-hee.

<Reporter> On

Monday, an 80-year-old couple was found dead.

Police believe that A committed suicide after killing his wife.

Mr. A has been taking care of his 78-year-old wife with dementia for the past 3 years.

[Neighbors: Because these two are such gentle people. We got along very well.]

Mr. A himself took care of his wife by getting a nursing assistant license, but from this year on, his wife's symptoms worsened rapidly.

It is said that Mr. A's heartache deepened because of his wife who fell and got injured or went out of the house without her knowing at dawn.

[Neighbors: (Mr. B) went out like this once and just wandered around, so it must have been at dawn. Grandpa was surprised... .] Since

last June, contact with the outside world has decreased.

The elderly couple's situation was reaching its limit, but the community center was unaware of the situation.

This is because the couple is not subject to crisis household management, and the related information has not been shared by the Dementia Relief Center or the Health Insurance Corporation.

Because of this problem, a legal basis was established last year to share information among organizations related to the care of dementia patients.

However, more than a year has passed and the system is still not in place.

[Kim Ji-yeon/Director of Dementia Policy Division, Ministry of Health and Welfare: We will expand programs for families and strengthen education so that families with dementia can be looked at more carefully and better supported.] The

Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that it would establish a system to share related information by next year. .

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(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)