There must be a lot of people who visited the Holy Sepulcher last weekend before the holiday. However, while visiting the national cemetery, a report came in that he found out that his father's tombstone had disappeared.

It was the grave of a veteran of the Korean War, and reporter Park Chan-beom covered how this happened.

<Reporter> This

is the cemetery of the National Imsil Protection Agency managed by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

A seat without a tombstone stands out.

It is the seat of a veteran who participated in the Korean War as a corporal in the army.

His son, Mr. Lee, came to the grave last weekend and found out that the tombstone had disappeared.

[Lee Mo / Bereaved Family: Because the ashes are only 10cm below the chest. Leave it in its natural state... ] When

I inquired about the National Security Agency, I got an absurd reply that it was damaged and removed three months ago.

Another sepulcher said the tombstone was accidentally damaged.

As the broken tombstone of a veteran of the Korean War has been left for three months right next to this place, you can see that the surrounding grass dries up and the ground has been dug because it does not see the light.

When Mr. Lee asked why he didn't restore it right away, he replied that he could not replace the tombstone due to the weather.

[Bereaved Family: You couldn't work because it was hot?


The Guardian also says that the annual maintenance budget for the monument is only 38.5 million won, so to save money, you need to collect 2-3 months' worth of money and replace it at once.

[Responsible for Imsil Hogukwon: When the remuneration does one thing, it doesn't happen right away... .] The

reason I didn't tell the bereaved family for three months was because I didn't know their contact information.

Ho Guk-won did not computerize family contact information for those of merit who were buried before 2007.

[Responsible for Imsil Hogukwon's side: I applied only by handwriting and documents and was saddled. There was no burial system at that time.]

The tombstone of a person of national merit was left on the ground for three months because of the weather, money, and no contact information, so I don't know how much longer it would have been left unattended if the bereaved family didn't go to the grave.

Hogukwon's side announced that the monument restoration work was completed only today (14th).

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, CG: Jeong Hoe-yun·Kim Jeong-eun)