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typhoon is approaching ahead of the Chuseok holiday. The 14th typhoon 'Chantu' is currently off the coast of Shanghai, China, where strong winds are blowing with whirlpools. After that, the typhoon is expected to turn almost at right angles from China and head towards Korea. It is expected this Friday morning to pass through the Northwest Sea of ​​Jeju Island, through the South Sea, and then into the East Sea on Friday afternoon.

In Jeju, which has already entered the typhoon's sphere, it rained more than 400mm for two days. Let's connect with a local reporter. JIBS Reporter Chang-Hoon Ha, is it still raining a lot?


Yes, I am now on the coastal road in Jeju City. 

Even though Jeju is still quite far away from the typhoon, there is a lot of rain and wind blowing in the Jeju area.

Especially when it rains a lot.

Last night, a lot of rain approaching 300mm fell on the azalea fields of Mt. Halla, and over 100mm in Seogwipo and other areas.

Up to 80mm more rain is expected in Jeju until tomorrow (15th).

Damage is already appearing, but in the morning of the 14th, a river in Yonggang-dong, Jeju-si overflowed, and one vehicle was isolated, and two accommodations in Seogwipo were submerged and emergency measures were taken.

In addition, safety measures for power lines and traffic lights are being implemented throughout the province.

There is no problem with the sky road yet, but the sea route to and from Jeju has been completely controlled.

Typhoon 'Chantu' is currently staying in the sea near Shanghai, China.

Although it is small in size, it maintains a strong force with a strong wind blowing at 35 m/s in the center.

After that, from the afternoon of the next day, the direction will be turned at a right angle and headed for Korea. When approaching the Korean Peninsula, it will be slightly weakened by a mid-level typhoon with a central wind speed of about 29 m/s.

The Korea Meteorological Administration believes that the typhoon will pass through the sea 20 km northwest of Jeju at around 7 am on Friday morning, pass through the South Sea, and then pass out to the sea near Busan at around 3 pm.

On Thursday and Friday, most of the country is affected by typhoons, and in particular, heavy rain of up to 250-300mm is expected in Jeju and the southern coast.

(Video coverage: Ko Seung-han JIBS, Video editing: Kim Seon-tak)