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surrogate parking that you can see in hotels and department stores was also available at the Gwangsan-gu Council in Gwangju.

The lawmakers are entrusting the district council petition police to park their cars as if it were natural.

The scene was covered by KBC reporter Shin Min-ji.

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members of the Gwangsan-gu council in Gwangju park the car in the passage of the underground parking lot of the gu council and get off as if it were natural.

After a while, the Cheongwon Policeman appears and gets on the stopped car and parks it familiarly.

Valet parking and valet parking that you can see in hotels and high-end restaurants.

[Gwangsan-gu Council Petition Police: (Are some people helping with parking?) Only the car of the lawmakers here… Those who do not leave it in the parking lot, leave the key... What kind of car does a member of the legislator drive... I know the car model.] This

is a privilege that only members of the Gwangsan-gu Council enjoy.

Most of the 16 members of the National Assembly were entrusted with surrogate parking to the Cheongwon Police.

However, surrogate parking is not included in any of the Police Service Regulations.

The Parliamentary Secretariat said it would rectify this practice as soon as the coverage began.

[Gwangju Gwangsan-gu Council Secretariat Official: Basically, there is a seat, but we will correct it because it is not a part to leave.] The

only place where the Cheongwon Police provided surrogate parking for a member's vehicle was the Gwangsan-gu Council.

[Gwangju other basic council officials: No. at all. There is no such thing as excessive protocol at all.] When the

election season comes, the elected district councilors are valet parking the petitioner police in the name of custom, saying that they will work like the servants of the residents.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-soo KBC)