"Why don't they give disaster aid, a Korean government like X?"

"X Korea is like that, what does it cost for a small country?"

"Let's go pick up an ax and a hammer"

While applications for and payment of the COVID-19 co-prosperity support have been made since the 6th, some Chinese compatriots are blaming the Korean government and pouring out fierce complaints.

Today (14th), several online communities have posted a post titled 'Reaction to the rejection of the Korean-Chinese disaster subsidy', which contains content that some Chinese compatriots who have not received the subsidy are criticizing the Korean government.

In the post, “X Han Min-guk is like that, the country is small, so what does it cost?” “Let’s go pick up an ax and a hammer”, “Taxes are plentiful, and subsidies are a rattling” and “Korea is an unfair country”.

One Chinese compatriot pulled out the 'Overseas Koreans Visa' F4 and spat out harsh swear words, saying, "Why don't you give out disaster aid, pay less taxes, or pay less insurance? The Korean government is like X."

The F4 visa is a visa issued to Koreans with foreign nationality during their stay in Korea, and is not included in the disaster subsidy.

In other words, the Chinese compatriots who poured out their primary criticism on the government were not eligible for the subsidy from the beginning.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, foreigners, including Chinese compatriots, must have the same health insurance qualifications as Korean nationals in order to receive disaster assistance. Visa consumers), etc., are included in the disaster subsidy if they have health insurance qualifications regardless of their resident registration card.

Netizens who saw the post commented, "Do you want to receive subsidies while receiving medical insurance benefits?" "You are not a Korean citizen and want to receive subsidies in the same way?" "The Korean-Chinese nationality is Chinese, so why do we have to give subsidies to Chinese people?" "Go back to China," and showed a cynical reaction.

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(Photo = online community capture)