On the 14th, Namyang Dairy Chairman Hong Won-shik was briefly indicted with a fine for posting false articles about competitor products online.

The 2nd criminal division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office (Prosecutor Park Hyun-cheol) briefly indicted Chairman Hong, two employees, and the representative of a public relations agency.

From March to July 2019, Namyang Dairy mobilized a PR agency and repeatedly posted false posts in various mom cafes saying, 'There is a nuclear power plant near the ranch that supplies crude oil to Maeil Dairy. accused of posting

In May of last year, when Namyang Dairy was under investigation by the police for the incident, Namyang Dairy issued a statement saying, "It was an arbitrary decision made by a working-level person and a public relations agency in an overheated public relations competition."

However, as a result of the investigation, the prosecution judged that the conspiracy relationship, including the instructions of Chairman Hong, was recognized.

However, it was explained that the victim, Maeil Dairies, withdrew the complaint, and that the prosecution was abbreviated with a fine considering that Chairman Hong repented of the crime.