In April of last year, while it was revealed that Son Jun-seong, a former investigative and information policy officer at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, was actually involved in the so-called 'indictment of the prosecution', a situation that raises suspicions about the organizational involvement of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is drawing attention.

In particular, as documents inside the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, which are presumed to have responded systematically to the case of former President Yoon's family, were disclosed, suspicions are growing that the Supreme Prosecutor's information line was involved in the suspicion of 'indictment'.

The internal documents of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office regarding the case of Yoon's mother-in-law, released today (14th) by the Segye Ilbo, raise doubts that the Supreme Prosecutor's Information Line may have been involved in the 'private information collection' for Yoon's individual.

This document, known to have been written in March of last year, summarizes the current status of four cases involving Choi, the mother-in-law of former President Yoon.

In the document, Mr. Choi is expressed as a 'victim' and an 'investor'.

It is known that some content is information that is difficult for the general public to access.

The exact author of this document has not yet been revealed, but given the format of the document and the information collected, it is suspected that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Investigation and Information Policy, the information line of the prosecution, may have been involved.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office said, "We are checking what kind of document it is."

In fact, suspicions that the Office of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office for Investigation and Information Policy were used for Yoon's personal interests have been steadily raised since the initiation of disciplinary action against former President Yoon last year.

According to the disciplinary decision made by former President Yoon, obtained by the media, Chief Prosecutor Jung-hyun Lee, head of the Public Investigation Division, said during a disciplinary deliberation at the end of last year, "According to the instructions of the President, the Office of the Investigative Information Policy Officer took charge of the case of the mother-in-law (Mr. I heard you did," he said.

Director Lee continued, "I think the related laws were also made there."

This is testimony to the testimony that former President Yoon's wife at the time declared that she would not intervene in the case at all, and mobilized the Supreme Prosecutor's Office to collect relevant information.

The testimony at the time that the Office of Investigation and Information Policy had created a response logic for the Channel A case, etc., is drawing attention again as it is known that a legal principle that is unfamiliar to the general public is mentioned in the complaint that is suspected of being a fraudster.

An analysis showed that the 'criminal use of newspapers and broadcasts, etc. under the Public Official Election Act' written in the complaint letter has hardly any application cases, so it is presumed that it was written by an expert in the Public Official Election Law.

On the 6th, Minister of Justice Park Beom-gye, referring to Lee's testimony at the time, pointed out that "I have a fundamental question about whether the investigative information policy officer can do this."

In a situation where Prosecutor Son Jun-seong is actually being pointed out as the messenger of the accusation, the situation that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office collected extensive information at that time is expected to increase suspicions that the Investigative Information Policy Office is behind the 'indictment'.

It is speculation that the information collected by the Supreme Prosecutor's Office for Investigation and Information Policy was also reflected in the accusation for the purpose of covering up the Channel A case involving Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, who was a close aide to Yoon at the time.

Accordingly, the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department is highly likely to conduct intensive inspections of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office for Investigation and Information (formerly the Office of Investigation and Information Policy) in the future.

The theory of prosecutorial reform, which calls for the abolition of the prosecution's information-gathering organization, is also expected to gain strength again.

Regarding the information gathering document on the case of former President Yoon's mother-in-law, Minister Park said, "The document refers to the circumstances that I questioned from the beginning in the case of 'indictment'. will," he said.

(Photo = provided by Segye Ilbo, Yonhap News)